Castaways Resort & Spa, Mission Beach – Live StreetView Tour – click/hold/drag image.

This is on Google Maps/StreetView … Click/hold/drag image to move around, click arrows to move back or forward. Click button on top right of image for stunning high res HDR full screen view, check out Dunk Island, walk into the resort … it’s absolute beachfront but how can you tell someone 3,000km away what that means? How well do you think this sells the location?

Viewable on iPhones, iPads, PC’s, Macs, Android devices … not one bit like the old virtual tours that were flash based, took ages to load and were viewable just on your office PC!

Beachfront dining? For sure .. click around and have a look! Beachfront cocktail bar? For sure. Coming soon to this virtual tour will be walkins to the rooms with views out over the balconies and swimming pools … that will be stunning! QLD360